cuidado facial

Mi rutina de cuidado facial | Animal de isla

Mi rutina de cuidado facial | Animal de isla

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Mi rutina de cuidado facial | Animal de isla

Customize your skincare routine with the Personal Microderm. Interchangeable discs allow you to decide the intensively of exfoliation for your treatment and skin type. Use weekly to fade the appearance of enlarged pores, blemishes, dark spots, fine Iines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture.

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Flawless, glowing skin is a huge thing in Korea. ✨ Korea have flawless and beautiful skin, because Koreans tend to care a lot for their skin by investing on products, efforts and time. In fact most of them follow strictly the 10-Steps Skincare Routine every single night. ??‍♀️ We have prepared this poster for you to show you all the steps. #Foundasian #fo

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